Learning French while being lazy


A boring car ride? No, a rocking ‘n’ rolling French course!

I had another brilliant plan to become a better person without putting much effort into it. In this case, it even takes no effort at all. I switched my car radio to a French speaking radio station. I figured this way I will hear French every day, and I will be fluent in it before I know it! Ha! Or, as the French would say: Tiens!

The only effort I did make, was flip through all the French stations until I found one that plays music I actually like. I figured if the music keeps annoying me, this little plan would not outlast the first traffic jam or tailgater.

Even, or dare I say especially, the commercials are turning out to be a very effective crash course. Commercials usually try to sell everyday objects, and they tend to repeat their product several times, which can be quite annoying in your own language, but is turning out to be very useful when you’re trying to remember a word.

An extra advantage, so I have noticed, is that, since the lyrics of the music are mostly in English, my brain has to switch a lot between French and English. This is brilliant, because I have found this to be un peu troubling in ze past.

Of course, this plan only works with a language you already know a little. If I would manage to find, say, a Japanese radio station, I would not understand one iota of what is being said, and so I would learn bupkis.

The spare moments theory: get more done, stress less

resolution before

What my New Year’s resolutions usually look like by January 10th.

resolution this time

What it is going to look like this time. Seriously.

I made a new year’s resolution. It’s not a very original one, in fact, I bet you all have thought about it at least once: I want to get more done. And by getting more done, I want to become a better person: fitter, healthier, smarter, better educated, with a smaller ecological footprint… And I plan to do all of that by stressing less, not more. And I will not be spending much time on it either.

I am very much aware how this is sounding: like another classic New Year’s resolution doomed to fail. But I’m pretty sure this one is not doomed. I am a woman with a plan. A plan I have to admit I have stumbled upon by accident. But a plan nevertheless, and one that’s working for me. It has already been working for me for a couple of months now, and the New Year’s resolution thing is merely meant to expand the same principle to other things in my life.

The said principle is very simple: I intend to rake up some of the “lost time” in my life, and spend it doing more useful things. These are the ground rules:

1. No stress.

2. Have fun.

3. Spend as little extra time as possible on it.

4. Keep it positive. Continue reading