My infallible plan to become a better person: Rule #2


This could be me in… like, never. Seriously.

In case you are new to my blog, my completely waterproof New Year’s resolution for self-improvement is explained here. But in short: I want to become a better person – healthier, fitter, smarter, more cultured and more ethical – while carefully guarding my beloved laziness.

To make sure I keep it chill, I set some ground rules for myself:
1. No stress.
2. Have fun.
3. Spend as little extra time as possible on it.
4. Keep it positive.

My Rule #2 for becoming a better person is closely related tot Rule #1: Have fun. See, I have a theory about this whole healthy lifestyle thing. Let’s suppose doing some sports could prolong the life expectancy of a couch potato by an average of, say, 5 years. But in order to obtain this advantage, he has to work out in the gym for 6 hours a week. That’s 300 hours every year, considering he lets it slide a bit during the holidays. Over the course of 50 years the said ex-couch potato will have spent 15 000 hours in the gym. That ‘s a total of 937,5 days (at a rate of 16 hours per day in which he’s awake). That’s two and a half years. Or half of the time he has gained.

So what if he hates the gym? Taking in account all of the time he has spent on his transport to and from the gym, washing gym clothes and preparing and devouring lettuce (let’s say he hates that too?), this person has spent pretty much all of the time he has gained by a healthy lifestyle, doing stuff he hates. So far for those benefits.

So my conclusion is: if I hate it, I’m not doing it.

Okay, fine, except for a few necessary evils, like working, visiting sulky relatives, cleaning once in a while and holding book presentations.

But I suppose having to catch your breath after digging the remote control out from under your can, is not such a terrific plan either. So the challenge is to find activities and healthy foods you do like. If you don’t like going to the gym, then maybe you will like karate, yoga, running in the park, basketball, rock climbing, historical bike tours, tap dancing or boxing. Or maybe you just don’t like doing any of those a lot, but you do like doing a lot of those now and then.

Even if the better me lives to be ninety-five, life’s just too short to spend it being bored.