A less serious haiku


© sxc

when twilight reigns

wild eyes stare out from the dark –

don’t pat the cat now

(Allright, I know. But after my war haikus I needed to be sarcastic for a minute. However, the cat in question does seem to take this business very seriously.)

Writing about writing

If your company is starting to stare at their glasses an awful lot, it’s time to stop talking about your work (or to give another round).

To lose yourself for hours in the world a book brings to life, is pure magic. To have to listen for hours to all the teensie weensie details of that very same world, over a couple of beers, is usually not. This puts me in a pickle. Writing is not only my passion, it is also my job. Therefore I can – I want, I even must – talk about it for hours on end. Because there’s just so much to say. There’s so much to discover, to be made up, to decide, te evaluate and to reevaluate. That’s why I need a blog. So that the people I love, will still have a beer with me.