About Almostwritten

To lose yourself for hours in the world a book brings to life, is pure magic. To have to listen for hours to all the teensie weensie details of that very same world, over a couple of beers, is usually not. This puts me in a pickle. Writing is not only my passion, it is also my job. Therefore I can – I want, I even must – talk about it for hours on end. Because there’s just so much to say. There’s so much to discover, to be made up, to decide, to evaluate and to reevaluate. That’s why I need a blog. So that the people I love, will still have a beer with me.

If you would like to contact me without commenting publicly, please use the contact form below.

27 thoughts on “About Almostwritten

    • Thanks for the tip! I decided not to put my name up, because I think I can be more open this way, without fearing this blog might pop up when my publisher or employer decides to google me one day. Not everybody needs to know about self doubt or procrastination. 🙂 But maybe I should give a bit more information than this. Thanks for your intrest, anyway!

  1. aloha almostwritten – I agree with AuthorWorld – and you too. some info – even fun info – motivation, influence, sense of direction, process – what ever you’d like. … and still not fall into the big brother snoop eye would be good – imo. it’s actually cool that you have to be aware of that too. . . aloha

      • exactly. however. no need to work on clever. just as you do it is right where it should be (imo). just as you’ve done. cool. and if the people you love won’t have a beer with you now, have a beer with those who will… again only imo of course. because you can still love the people you love with or without a beer. . . aloha.

  2. I’m intrigued that you still haven’t followed their advice and wonder what you’re hiding? I was tempted by your moniker (on the Darley Anderson blog) and I love that almost Dali-esque image of the open book but is that enough? With hide-away tendencies myself I do sympathise but haven’t you got a novel to promote? Shouldn’t you be shouting it’s name and yours or are you so famous it can manage on its own? Or is the published book a fantasy (sorry, but that’s something I’ve thought of doing when the disappointment of not being where I want to be gets too much – you could just about get away with it)?

    • It’s not a fantasy. 🙂 And unfortunately, I’m not famous. Yet!

      But I’ve written my book in my native language, which is Dutch, so it seems completely unnecessary to promote it on this blog, in English, since nobody here can read it. Yet! 🙂

      I have a blog in Dutch as well, but that’s not much fun, because we just don’t have a blogging culture.

      The truth is I like the anonimity. I have a few reasons for that. The most important one is that since English is not my native language, I suppose my writing in English is not always perfect, and certainly not as vivid as it is in Dutch, and I don’t want this blog to work against me.

      • Damn, I have to admit you hurt me in my pride a bit here. 🙂 But I can imagine why you should think I invented the published novel. I guess that’s probably what I would think myself if I saw an anonymous blog like this. Maybe I’ll post a link to my publisher’s site here after all. I’ll give it some thought.

  3. sorry, didn’t mean to cause offence with my speculations, it’s your blog and you can do it exactly as you like– I guess it’s like with fiction, what you miss out can work both for and against you depending on the effect you want to achieve
    anyway, all the best with your novel

  4. Seems you want to self-publish, because putting it online, even in part, makes it a published work. When I want to tease, I put up a draft that is not the final, to avoid the problem.

    • Good point. I don’t want to self-publish, I’ve got a publisher. The publisher of my first novel knows what I’m working on and said he’s interested. He hasn’t seen the whole draft yet, though, so he might still change his mind.
      I figured putting a little part online would not pose a problem, especially because the original work is in a different language.

  5. Thanks a ton for the “like” on my “Randa Lane…” blog. I’ve just begun to explore your writings and hope to drop by often. Best luck in your screenwriting endeavors.


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