Resist the internet


I. will. not. get. destracted. again. Not even by a promising prospect like this picture.

I have decided to tackle my debilitating lack of concentration.

A couple of minutes ago, when I sat down to write this blog post, it happened again. I decided to hurriedly, quickly, just a minute, check whether I had any new e-mail (I did not, which was not very surprising, since I had checked it about fifteen seconds earlier). Then I had a really quick glance at my favourite news site, just to make sure nothing huge had happened since my last check (it had not). Then I made the most crucial mistake of all: I decided to have a very short glance at Facebook, to check if I was missing something. I was not. But someone did post a helluvalotta pictures about 2014. And that link featured some interesting articles about training the fat off your tummy. I checked my mail again (nothing). Checked Facebook again (meh). Googled a cute guy I saw on television (I’ll admit: I love my boyfriend but I google other people). Got back to writing my blog post. Decided to start with finding some pictures to go with it (try googeling lolcat+christmas+tree. See you back in two weeks). Checked Facebook again. Well, you get the picture. The problem is behind my computer I’m kinda like this:

GIF-This-is-how-I-watch-tennisAs a seasoned procrastinator, this happens to me a lot, I am sad to admit. I do it every time I am planning to tackle something I’m planning to do well. I do my best procrastination whenever I want to do something excellently. Maybe even try another desperate throw at brilliance. I also do it a lot just because I am not doing anything else, I suppose. My checking-mail-Facebook-news-sites-routine has become a habbit.

That is not necessarily a terrible thing. I have stumbled upon some interesting information while wasting time on the web. I saw some awesome pictures. Read touching testimonials. Even distilled some great news stories for the news paper out of it.  And I have certainly had some good laughs. But then again, the bulk of it did not exactly change my life. Often I am not even really enjoying myself. Firstly, because of that ever-present nagging sense of guilt about that stuff I should be doing but am not doing. Secondly, let’s face it, a substantial part of the web is pretty boring. Or, what is even worse: as a veteran procrastinator, often I have seen it before.


No need to give me that look. I shall not click.

So I realized something: not only is all that surfing around killing my productivity, I don’t really enjoy doing it.

Especially Facebook. I refuse to install Facebook on my phone, to limit the damage at least to a certain degree. Also I do not share a lot about my personal life on my FB page. That means that whenever I am having fun, I’m not on Facebook. I am on Facebook, however, whenever I am working or whenever I’m bored. And then every other Facebook person seems to have a much more interesting time than I do.

And so, I’ve decided to kick off from the internet. No more horsing around on the internet without a purpose. No more checking my mail just because I am trying to avoid doing something else.

I have great hopes this decision, if I keep it up, will increase my productivity and decrease my stess level. Which would be very welcome, because I’ve reached the final stage of my third novel, and doubt has been hitting me with full force these last few weeks. That ‘s part of the game (well, for me, it is), I know by now, so I’m not very worried about it. But a tiny little bit more focus and a tad less anxiety would sure be nice.

They say concentration is like a muscle, you can train it. Let ‘s find out. Before finishing this post, I caved about three (almost four) times. So it’s going to be hell. Wish me luck. 🙂


No, I’m not falling for it this time.



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