How a bad run turned into a good idea

Writing is nog about finding good ideas. It’s about recognizing a good idea when it pops into your head, Stephen King wrote in “On writing”. Well, I don’t remember the exact quote, and I’m not in the mood to look it up, but it was something of the kind.
I could not agree more. And today I experienced that feeling again. I went out for a run in a nature reserve, adjoining the village where I live. After a few minutes it was clear I was not going to break any records today. But the weather is nice and bright and the heith is blooming, so I decided to take it a bit slower and to just enjoy it, like going on a walk.

So I spent an hour or two, just jogging a bit and mostly looking around and enjoying nature. It dawned on me how much I’ve gotten to love this little piece of countryside. I moved to this village a few years ago, because I love someone here, but I’ve grown so attached to it. It doesn’t feel at all like I own this land. It feels like the land owns me. It has gotten so familiar, yet it still awes me.

Then I realized, this is exactly the feeling I need for a new book/story I’m working on. The setting couldn’t actually be more different from the nature reserve that inspired me, the story is set in an old city. But that doesn’t matter all that much. This feeling of attachment is exactly what my story needs.

I’m extatic. 🙂

And for the specialists: yes, I probably have a big giant runner’s high right now. But I still think it’s a jolly good idea.

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