Post-holiday chaos

This is kinda what happens when I have too many ideas and not enough time to actually write.
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When I say post-holiday chaos, I don’t (only) mean the mess of wrinkled sundresses and damp washcloths I tend to pull out of my suitcase. I’m not even referring to the giant amount of mail and e-mail I have to plow through. It’s the chaotic rubble of ideas that traveling usually leaves in my mind I want to talk about. Continue reading

Pc or paper?

Work of the first generation.
Picture: almost written

Writing on a computer, or the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper? This question appears to roll onto this page like a fossil, a battered dinosaur that should have been stone-dead for ages. Yet, since a year or two, I’ve started to use notebooks again. I feel that this has had a good influence, on the quality of my writing as well as my productivity. Continue reading

Looking at calves

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Lately I have been experimenting a bit with mock-erotic scenes. This one is pretty modest, but still, it was fun to write. It fits into a larger story, about a girl, Anna, travelling with her best friend, with whom she is in love (and a little cross because he won’t bite).

Raph was done packing in a jiffy. While Anna was still busy gathering her stuff, he was rubbing himself very thoroughly with sun oil. Carefully he massaged the back of his ears, his forehead, his cheeks. When he got to the little spot under his nose, he pulled his upper lip tightly over his teeth. It made him look a bit like a sheep, Anna thought. One that hadn’t been shaved in a couple of years, she added pettishly in silence. While she folded her T-shirts in a new record time, he started on his legs. The lotion made his calves shine. Anna had never noticed before how muscular they were. He bended over to give a layer to the pieces of foot his sandals didn’t cover. Anna watched amusedly how his buttocks showed against his shorts. His hamstrings wouldn’t look that bad either with some lotion, she thought. Only a pity he wasn’t a bit more limber. If he didn’t need to bend through his knees this clumsily to reach his feet, he would have looked downright horny. Now he had something akin to a tipsy stork. But those calves were divine.